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Smart Technology with SmartWatch, Activity Tracker, Smart Glasses and Smart Ring

SmartWatch and Activity Tracker

Everyone knows about smartwatches and activity trackers. Smartwatch comes with tons of features that you don’t get it in a traditional watch. You can change your dial to give a fresh look, receive your mobile notifications, receive a call on your watch, some watches come with basic activity trackers and some even come with GPS technology this can even track you running or walking.

Some watches support android phones and some supports iOS. So before you buy a smartwatch make sure it is compatible with your phone and its version. Some newer versions might not work with older phones and vice versa.

Technology changes very fast, smartwatches will keep coming with new features and enhancement in their upcoming versions. If you are looking to buy one, buy the one, which you can go with for a couple of years because after that you might want to buy a new one. It is a gadget, after all, so make sure you are ready to charge it every night the way you charge your smartphones.



Activity trackers as compared to smartphones are cheaper and more focused on fitness. They can track your steps, heart rate, sleep, and some more metrics to give you a detailed analysis of your fitness goals. Come with nice and sleek design for your comfort and convenience so that you can wear them all the time even while sleeping or taking a shower. This way it knows your daily activity and schedule for example: when you keep them on your wrist for the whole night, it tracks your sleep and gives you the analysis of how much you slept, how many times did you get up during your sleep. Such analysis helps you in deciding if something needs to be taken care of for a better healthy life.



Virtual Reality Headsets

Virtual Reality is like seeing something as if you are there. It gives you a very realistic experience. Once you put the VR headset on and start the video, you will see as if something is happening right in front of you and that too for real. Whichever angle you move your head you will see something there for you to experience. They are simply amazing.

As of now, there are already a lot of brands in the market and may be more to come. There may be newer versions of the existing brands coming up to make your VR experience better than ever. Depends on what you are looking for, there is a VR product range for every buyer.

If you just want to get a feel of it you can go for a basic model, which will definitely come under your budget. Due to a lot of competition, they come for an affordable price. If you are looking to get a mid-range model which can give you much better experience than going for a little higher model.

It all depends on how much you want to spend and Virtual Reality headset comes with a lot of features, designs, style, and brand. For the ultimate experience, you can even go for the best model available in the market.
The more you pay the better experience you get.

But don’t forget, before you buy anything it is very important that you read all the feature and review of the product so that you know if that is what you want to get.

Virtual Reality headset is very popular these days and an amazing gadget to own.



Smart Glasses – With Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Microphone and More

Smart glasses are comparatively a new technology. It is more like a hands-free alternative to your other gadgets.
For example: if you want to take a quick picture, you can do that right away by just clicking a touch sensor button on the side of the glasses. Sometimes, by the time you take the camera or smartphone out and open the camera app, you lose the moment.
Not only this, but smart glasses also have many more interesting features which turn out to be very handy. Some smart glasses may have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and Fitness Tracker.

Some smart glasses also come with a wired earbud that you can be used to listen to music or do a phone conversation.

Smart Rings – Fitness, Heart Rate, and Sleep Tracker

Smart Rings are another way to monitor your heart rate, track your fitness activity and sleep. They are also designed to lock or unlock your smartphones, open an app on your smartphone and some also use it as a replacement for their organization’s access card.

With technology advancement, gadgets have become so small yet powerful that they can fit right in your fingers. Another best thing about them is that they don’t need to be charged and are water resistant too.

These rings also come with NFC feature. NFC (Near Field Feature) is a way of communicating with devices within a few centimeters range without an Internet connection. Another good example is the smart payment method. Basically, you can even use these rings to make payments.



Video Headset – Portable Personal Theater

It’s a 2-in-1 headset that can be used either as a normal headset for listening to music or you can slide the headrest on to your eyes to get a personal movie theater experience. You can watch movie, play games or use it with your camera drone. This is not like a virtual reality (VR) it is more like watching your TV screen within these headsets. It makes your TV watching portable enough to watching it on the Bus, Train, flight or you can also enjoy it while sitting on your couch. They need to be connected with a micro HDMI port. The can be heavy and small in size for some so makes it very different from VR headsets.
These cons make them less popular as compared to VR headsets.

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