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Looking for Wedding Dresses or Flower Girl Dresses online?


Being a mom to an adorable daughter, I must agree that I love to buy trendy outfits for her. She always gets compliments for everything she wears. I am not exaggerating here, but some friends are always eager to see what my cutie pie will be wearing tonight. Whether you are looking for a flower girl dresses, baby clothes or something to gift on a baby shower, below are the tips that you may find helpful before making your purchase.

Simple vs Fancy:

Should you always make them wear fancy clothes? Personally, my answer is “No”. It all depends on the occasion. Do not worry about what others will be wearing. If you want your kid to stand out in the crowd, then be the first one to start the trend. The point here is that you should buy both simple and fancy clothing as you never know which one will you go for.

Branded vs Non-Branded:

This is merely a personal preference. Big brands definitely have better quality and finishing, but you have to pay a good price too. It all depends on how much you want to spend. Kids outgrow of their outfits very quickly. So spending too much on clothing might not be a preference for most of the parents.
Non-Branded clothes are very well made too. I say that when people start liking a non-branded product, that itself becomes a favorite brand for them. I keep an open mind to all kinds.

Regular Price vs Discounted:

I don’t think I need to say too much here. I am sure, you like discounted stuff too. As per my experience, I have always found online products much cheaper than store ones. Don’t forget to look for coupons before you buy something. There is so much competition that everyone is trying to promote their sales with coupons. It is not that their prices are higher but it is just due to the competition.

For example: If you visit www.LittleGuchi.com (based in Arizona, USA) you will see they have very competitive prices on kids dresses and on top of that they even offer discount coupon.

Little Guchi Home Page

Store vs Online:

The only benefit I find in-stores is that you can get a feel of the product but you end up spending a lot of time shopping. For some parents, online shopping is more convenient. Once you build trust with any new store then it is just a few clicks away and the product gets delivered at your door.

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