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Some Unique Home Audio System you never knew about

Home Theater System:

Home theater system can be the ultimate buy for your home audio needs. It can amp-up your moving watching or gaming experience. To get most of the theatrical effect right in your living room, you should definitely go for the whole sound system, which includes a Receiver (basically an amplifier to distribute the right amount and quality of sound to the speakers), set of speakers (front left, right and center, rear left and right and in some cases the side ones too.) and the most important a subwoofer.

We have a more detailed article with our personal experience on the home theater in our article section. How to Setup home theater with a high ceiling or difficult room size


Sound Bar:

If you don’t want to go with all the hassle of installing and setting up the whole home theater system, then buying a Sound Bar can be a very good option for you. Sound bars are very convenient and easy to set up. They generate much better sound to fill up your whole room as compared to the built-in sound output you get from your TV.

There are different kinds of sound bar options available:

  • A soundbar with built-in subwoofer
  • Soundbar with or without an external subwoofer
  • Soundbar with wireless subwoofer

Portable Bluetooth speaker:

Portable Bluetooth speakers are currently very popular and high in demand. There are tons of design and choices available in the market. Most of them are compatible with both iOS and Android phones. They do have a very good signal range, which helps you in controlling them even from a good distance. With lots of available choices, you get to choose the one that best fits your need and we suggest you read customer reviews before buying one for yourself.


Shower Speakers:

How about listening to your favorite music while having your shower. Recently, we have seen a lot of popularity in this category. These speakers are completely waterproof and some of them also have a suction end which you can stick it to your shower glass door. They come in lots of beautiful colors and design to choose from.


Outdoor/Backyard speakers:

Having a party in a park or your backyard? How about playing some good music from a hidden source. These speakers are outdoor friendly and some are even waterproof. Some of these speakers are made to blend with your gravels/stones in your yard, they go perfectly with your outdoor décor.


Security Radio:

Having an FM / AM radios for home sounds old school but can be fun and enjoyable too. Some even keep it as their basic security device. Yes for security, it is like if you go out for a couple of days or even out for the whole day, you might want to keep your radio ON at a volume level which is good enough for it to be heard from outside your main door. This will definitely help a burglar stay away from breaking into your home.


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