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A simple guide to help you decide how to buy a Camera

Buying your first camera can be very confusing. There are tons of options available in the market. The best way to sort it out is by jotting down some basic points.

  • Do you enjoy photographing?
  • How much do you want to spend?
  • Are you looking for a portable and easy to use the camera or a camera that gives you full manual control of your images?

Very often buyers purchase very expensive cameras with lots of features they don’t need or buy cheap cameras with limited features needing to upgrade in a short time. Therefore, it is very beneficial to spend some time thinking about your use and finding a camera with valuable features.

To make your camera buying process easier and fun, I have distilled the information to important aspects.


If you are looking to get into professional photography, and already know or want to learn all the different features available to get best pictures, you should go for an SLR/DSLR (Single Reflex Lens, D: Digital) camera with a good lens. These cameras come in 2 parts, body and lens. DSLR lenses are detachable, which provide flexibility to use lenses according to your photography style.


Some of the popular lenses are portrait lenses, landscape lenses, zoom lenses, prime lenses. You definitely cannot go wrong with a DSLR; the picture quality you get from DSLRs is amazing. You can start with a zoom lens, example 18-55 kit lens, to get familiar with a DSLR and try different photography styles. Once you figure out the styles you enjoy the most, you can add specific high-end lenses to get the best bang for your buck.


To bundle or not to bundle:

Some retailers do sell their product by bundling them together. These bundles can be very helpful for a first-time buyer because you can get lots of your photography needs in a single purchase.

The bundle may include:

  • Camera body
  • One or more lens
  • Camera case
  • Tripod
  • Remote control
  • External flash
  • Memory card
  • UV filters
  • Many more.

Additional Lenses:

If you are buying a DSLR camera or already have one, you might need some additional lenses as well.


Point and Shoot:

If you are simply looking for a regular pocket camera for quick photography, vacation photo, get together with friends and family, then the point and shoot camera will be the best option for you. These cameras are very convenient, lightweight and easy to carry around as they can fit easily in your pocket or purse. Point and shoot cameras have permanently attached lenses but they are designed so well that the lens auto slides in back when the camera is turned off. With a small camera and a less powerful lens, you cannot expect a very professional photography but anyways, we are looking for a basic good quality photo, which you can surely get with these.


There are many more camera types to look for:
  • Polaroid Camera: To get instant pictures on a card paper which develops within a few minutes. There are few models made for kids too and believe me, kids love them.
  • Adventure camera: These cameras are made for taking all your adventure photos and videos like a pro. People prefer taking these cameras along while going Mountain biking, racing, hiking, skiing or any kind of water sports.
  • Body Cam / Car Dashboard Cam – Car Dock Cam: These cameras come with some cool features like high resolution, wireless, good batteries, USB charging, Night Vision and have a Memory Card to store all the recordings. Car dash cameras are getting popular these days. You can mount them on your dashboard connect it to your car USB and record your whole trip.
  • Hidden Spy Cam: If you don’t like your camera to be visible, you can buy one of these tiny hidden or spy cameras. They are tiny yet powerful. They do have HD recording, WIFI capabilities, motion detections, night visions. Can also be used as a baby monitor. They are as tiny as 0.87 inches and 0.7oz cube.
  • Security Camera: Everyone knows about the security camera. You see it everywhere you go. People love to install security cameras at their homes too. They can be set up with your Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. Some cameras are also powered with your Ethernet cable that means, you don’t have to connect any additional power cord to it. These cameras come along with some built-in software which is capable enough to stored videos to an external hard drive and can even send a motion detected clip or picture to your email.
  • Door Bell with Camera: We are seeing a lot of popularity with these smart doorbells. Once installed and connected to your home Internet, you can view what’s going on outside your front door from anywhere in the world (Yes, you need to be connected to the network). Imagine, you are traveling and someone rings your home doorbell, if you have a camera doorbell installed, you would get this ring right on your smartphone and you can see and talk to the person standing at your door. Isn’t that amazing?
  • Smart Phone External Lens Clip: If you have a nice smartphone but looking for an additional pocket size lens w or w/o flash you should look into this category. These lenses are very handy and come for a very affordable price. They look very smart when you connect them to your smartphone and can be very eye catchy too.

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