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How to Maintain Good Oral Hygiene


Do you know that your mouth is a gateway for bacteria to directly enter into your bloodstream? These harmful bacteria can even lead to heart disease.

Therefore, a good oral hygiene is highly recommended to protect your body from these harmful bacteria.

A good dental hygiene includes:
Brushing: Basic external cleaning of the teeth.
Flossing: Maintains gap between the teeth but does not help much with the gum line and pockets.
Oil Pulling: An holistic approach to maintain good oral hygiene.

But that’s not enough; our mouth needs some good bacteria too.

What is Oil Pulling and how it helps:

Oil pulling is a good way to maintain dental hygiene, it is an addition to brushing, flossing, and rinsing. Taking one tablespoon of coconut oil in the mouth and swishing it for about 20 minutes, twice a day. Studies have shown that oil pulling helps people in significantly reducing problems such as gingivitis, plagues, and dry mouth by killing the bacteria from the mouth.

But do oil pulling kills the good bacteria too?
Not sure, so better to add some probiotics to your hygiene etiquette.

Dental Probiotics: (S. salivarius M18 and K12)

As we all know, the mouth is the most vulnerable part of the human body that is always exposed to lots of bad bacteria.
Brushing and flossing are good basic ways to maintain oral hygiene but that’s not sufficient, you need probiotics too. Probiotics help in fighting back with the germs and healing the inflamed gum tissues. Dental probiotics may also help in reversing some of the common gum diseases. They add good bacteria to your mouth, these good bacteria help in preventing problems like bad breaths, gingivitis, gum bleedings, dark gums, gum infections and also periodontal disease.
Dental probiotics also help in maintaining a healthy ear, nose, throat, and sinuses.
S. salivarius M18 produces enzymes which may help to break down the dental plaque.

John’s Experience with Flossing and Probiotics:

I had a gum infection near my lower 2nd molar for years. My dentist did not see anything in the x-ray. I even demonstrated him the pus (a thick, yellowish fluid), which oozes out when I press my cheeks. Dentist recommended me to get my tooth extracted to get a better understanding of what’s going on in there. He also had a doubt that the infection might be due to my sinuses.
I took an appointment with an ENT specialist but they did not see anything wrong with the sinuses and recommended me to visit a dentist.

This was the time I started taking dental hygiene more seriously.

Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is definitely a good holistic approach to maintain good oral hygiene. It not just gave me a fresh breath but also made my gums feel better. The recommended duration for oil pulling it 20 minutes and twice a day, but I could do this only before my bedtime and that too for just 10-15 minutes max. It helped me with my hygiene practice but did not help me much with the infection. I used organic coconut oil for my oil pulling. This one has a very good taste too.

Water Flossing

Then I started with water flossing, which I think is also a very good option, as it goes little deeper into the gums pockets and removes most of the debris, which your toothbrush can never do. I bought this water flosser from Costco (Which comes with a nano flosser too); honestly, I could never use the additional nano flosser that came along with it. Later, I figured out that buying from Amazon would have been a better option, as you end up paying less for the same stuff. If you are interested in buying one, here is the Link for Water Flosser

Dental Probiotics

My flosser was doing well to my gums. Cleaning is good but how to heal them and make healthy? So I started with dental probiotics to give a boost to my hygiene goals. I am glad I did. After almost a month on having dental probiotics and doing the water flossing, one afternoon I felt some movement near my infected tooth. After fidgeting with my tongue for about a minute or so something came out from my gum. I was surprised to see that debris inside my gum. Maybe that was the cause of the infection. This debris was getting accumulated somewhere deep inside the gum where even my electric toothbrush couldn’t reach. After that day, I never had that pus anymore.

Dental Debris


I am sure that dental probiotics might have helped me strengthen my gums and breaking down the plague. The water flosser might have helped in loosening it and throwing it out of my gum.

This dental probiotic worked best for me.  Probiotics for Oral & Dental Health

Probiotics for Oral & Dental Health


Hope this helps you too.

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