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5 Mistakes to avoid before you buy a Headphone or an Earphone

Deciding on buying a headphone or an earphone can be somewhat easy based on its brand, looks, price or reviews but can be disappointing when you practically start using it. If you keep these points in your mind before buying it, it can be your best buy ever.

1 – Wireless Or Wired

Wired can be a good option for someone who doesn’t have to move around much while enjoying the music or someone who really knows how to manage the cable so that it doesn’t bother them. For others, who don’t prefer the cables getting tangled, wireless headsets are the best option to go.



Let’s look into the Pros and Cons of going Wireless.


  • Hands-Free: No tangling cables to manage keep your hands really free.
  • Easy to put them on/off your head. No tying the cable back on it or hanging cables.
  • Looks very stylish, trendy and advance.
  • No audio jack to worry about.
  • Good signal range: Even if the device is far from you, your headphone will still play your music.
    Example: Some people keep their phones in the gym locker and still enjoy their music.


  • The main concern can be battery life. Look for how many hours can it maintain the charge.
  • They are little pricey as compared to the wired ones.
  • Some brands can get a little warm on the ear when using for a long time.

2 – Headphone Or Earphone

Buying a headphone or an earphone can be more of a personal choice but let’s go in more details on what types are available and what comfort or discomfort they have.

For example, headphones are of two types:

Over the Ear:

Over-the-Ear headphones are the ones in which the round caps on the headphone will cover your entire ears. This can look little bulky to some but they are very comfortable on ears. Except, sometimes when you wear them for a very long time, they can warm up your ears but still they give you the ultimate sound experience. If you wear glasses, make sure you try them at a store before buying them.
These headphone block most of the outside noise hence, gives you that ultimate sound quality.



On-ear will fit right on to your ears. Let’s say you take 3 fingers together and put them on your ear, this is how on-ear headphones will fit. Again, listeners who wear glasses might have some discomfort with these.

If you are looking to buy an Over-the-Ear and On-Ear headphone for your gym or running, and you sweat a lot, it can really mess up with the ear-pads of the headphone and might need to change soon.

Earphone ( In-Ear or Earbuds )

Earphones are sleek, tiny and can hide easily in your ears. The sound quality is also very good but little less compared to what you get from the headphones. Earphones can be waterproof too as they go inside the ear canals. Some brands sell the earphones with detachable caps to fit small, medium and large ear opening. If you have too small ear canals, the earphone can be a little uncomfortable and might keep popping out. In that case, buying a headphone will be your ultimate choice.

3 – Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation is a technology where an outside noise will be analyzed by your headphones and automatically canceled so that it doesn’t reach your ear and gives you the best listening experience. This is a very helpful feature mainly for the listener who wants to enjoy their music even in a noisy environment. Noise cancellation uses to be a very expensive feature in the past but with technology advancement, this has become very affordable and now available even with wireless headphones. This feature can be a little expensive but worth it. So, if you are getting this feature in your budget then go for it.

4 – Budget

There was a time when bigger budget could only buy better performing and awesome looking gadgets. It is still true that you have to pay a higher price for the best brands and they are definitely worth the price. If you have a good budget, then you should go for the big ones but if you have some budget constraint then the market is very wide and you can get a good performing headphone or earphone in your budget too.
Some starter companies keep their prices low to get established in this competitive market, that doesn’t mean they carry a bad product. If you see such a product and want to give a try, there is no harm in it. Sometime you will also find reviews of other customers who own them. Be sure that you read them before buying it.

5 – Read Reviews

Regardless of what kind of headphone or earphone you planning to buy, it is very important to read other customer reviews on that product. Read what they have to say about it. You don’t want to face the same problem that someone has already gone through. It is always a good idea to read a couple of reviews of the product before buying it. I have come across many users who buy the product, end up with some problems and try to resolve it by looking online. That’s when they read the review and complaints from other users and regret on their purchase.

Hope this will help you.

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